Trash in the Name of Cinema!

As I begin to write this blog post, I am terribly disturbed and furious at how I wasted an hour and a half yesterday evening. Ever walked out of a movie that you just could not bear to watch? That’s just what Arman and I did!

7 Din Mohabbat In was the movie we went to watch and seriously regretted wasting 2000 rupees during the first few minutes of the film. We kept on holding out false hopes that the movie would at least become a little bearable to watch but in vain. As soon as the film paused for intermission, we were amongst the first ones to walk out and did not look back again! 

When I first heard about this film, I didn’t think much of it, to be honest. However, the past couple of weeks, Mahira Khan and the rest of the movie cast were all over social media promoting the film. There was so much hype that I figured it was worth giving the movie a chance. If I am being honest, I was quite skeptical of the title of the film from the moment I heard of it. But then a relative told us that the film was directed by Meenu and Farjad – the duo that had directed “Zinda Bhaag” in 2013. Although I hadn’t watched Zinda Bhaag myself, she raved about it saying it was probably the only “good” movie in this new wave of Pakistani cinema.

Furthermore, Mahira Khan, who is known for acting in films such as Bol and Verna was certainly not expected to perform the role of a stupid woman trying to seduce her khaala ka beta by making “garma garma phulkas” for him or wearing a saree in the middle of the night and dancing in the rain with him. Unfortunately, both Mahira Khan and the acclaimed directors of this film have disappointed anyone who has an ounce of grey matter in their heads still intact!


7 Din Mohabbat In follows the story of a 29-year old Tipu (Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui) who is a sexually frustrated guy living with his wheel-chair bound bully of a mother and his first cousin, Neeli (played by Mahira Khan). Tipu encounters a djinn, Drawka Prasad from Dilli, who gives him 7 days to make a girl fall in love with him; while failing to do so would make Tipu the djinn’s prisoner for life. With the least original plot, the characters’ overacting, including that of Mahira Khan’s, the film was truly a torture to watch.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 3.14.01 PM

The title, probably inspired from Shahrukh’s sexist line in Kal Ho Na Ho, “7 din larki in,” desperately tries to mimic a cheap Bollywood masala comedy and still fails! The film ticks all the boxes found in a senseless Bollywood masala flick such as lame sexist dialogues being passed off as humor, an item number (except here they made a transgender dance and made fun of her), a rain dance sequence between the leads with the actress in a saree and a Sufi song (which was not so surprisingly only sung by Abu Mohammad and not Farid Ayaz even though the filmmakers have falsely credit the latter as well to gain more publicity.)

Even after all of this, what is shocking are the headlines saying, “7 Din Mohabbat In rules box office“. Yes, it is true. The cinema was packed when we went to watch the film and I assume it has been so in every other show. But how could it not? When the filmmakers of Pakistan pressurize the government and censor board to ban Indian movies during and around Eid, the audience will have no choice but to watch the trash they have produced!

What the filmmakers of Pakistan do not understand is that popular media is one the biggest influencers and hence what is shown on screen needs to be carefully planned and produced. Showing romance between first cousins is playing right into the obsessions of Pakistanis with cousin marriages, which really needs to be discouraged by the popular media. Making fun of a transgender by showing her doing a mujra and being chased by goons only to be saved by the male heterosexual “hero” is only going to make things worse for the transgender community of Pakistan. Making racist jokes like “iska naam roshni hai toh andhera kaisa hoga” still in 2018 is a real shame for Pakistani cinema.


If you were planning to give this movie a chance, I will ask you to think twice. I made the gross mistake of going to watch it and ended up wasting both my time and money. I believe in supporting any local industry especially film, but if this is the quality of the films the industry is going to produce, soon the Pakistani film industry will be only be selling trash in the name of cinema.


4 thoughts on “Trash in the Name of Cinema!

  1. On a very frank note, why you went to go to watch this movie. I hate the title itself, 7 din mohabbat in. What the hell, mohabbat hai k game and I am sure, they present lerki as a thing not as a character.


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