Mian, Biwi Aur Wagah

Mian, Biwi, Aur Wagah was the name of a play Arman, my husband and I went to watch a couple weeks after we got married. Although the play deserves a blog post of its own, I was inspired by its title and thought of writing about my experience of travelling to India through the Wagah border for the first time.

When Arman and I met in Karachi a year ago, we were both supposed to head back to Delhi in a week’s time. Lo and behold, we decided to cross the Wagah border together and take a train from Amritsar to Delhi. I was really excited because my Bollywood dreams, ever since I had watched Veer Zara, were finally going to come true! Read More

Jinay Lahore nai Wekhiya, O Jamiya nai!

There’s a famous saying in Punjabi that I heard in Delhi for the first time. Jinay Lahore nai wekhiya, o jamiya naiWhosoever has not seen Lahore has not been born. Even though I had been to Lahore a couple times in the past, it wasn’t until last June that I actually had the chance to see a bit of it.

The story goes like this. When Arman and I met in Karachi, we decided to go back to India through the Wagah border. However, Arman wanted to stay in Lahore for a day or two at his soul sister, Sumbal Api’s place. He asked me if I would be okay with that and I was. In fact, I was excited that I might finally have a chance to explore Lahore and Arman was more than glad to show me around. What an irony, no? Arman, being technically an Indian, was actually the one showing me, a Pakistani around!  Read More

Phulkari Loving in Pakistan

Recently, after Arman and I got married, we went to Murree for a mini-honeymoon/getaway for a couple days. I will certainly do a post on that trip soon so keep an eye out for it in the ‘Travel’ section. But for now, let’s talk about a trend I noticed catching on in Pakistan from the hills to Murree to the arid plains of Karachi. Strolling on the Mall Road in Murree, I couldn’t help but notice colorfully embroidered dupattas that I had a feeling I had seen somewhere before, although not in Pakistan. Suddenly I remember I saw this very type of embroidered dupattas during my not-so-frequent visits to Khan Market in Delhi. Now it is said that Khan Market is the world’s 24th most expensive retail location (insert hyperlink). So naturally, when I asked a street vendor who had set up shop on the side of a passageway that connects the outer lane to the middle one, I half expected him to quote me a price which would certainly be out of my budget! And he did and that was the end of that. I forgot about that pretty embroidered dupatta I had my eyes on until one of its cousins and I locked eyes all the way on this side of the border in Murree, Pakistan.  Read More

Meethi Eid

France ka visa reject hua
Ek nahi do dafa hua
Ticket tha aur daawatnaama bhi
Saath mai thi sab jan ki dua

Khuda ne kuch behtar socha tha
Khuda to phir Khuda hua na
Gaata to har dar dum rahoonga
Ab ke dulha mai banoonga

Bhai kahe Karachi aao
Ek dafa saath Eid manaao
Ammi boleen bilkul jaao
Yeh na kaha saath dulhan ko laao  Read More