Phulkari Loving in Pakistan

Recently, after Arman and I got married, we went to Murree for a mini-honeymoon/getaway for a couple days. I will certainly do a post on that trip soon so keep an eye out for it in the ‘Travel’ section. But for now, let’s talk about a trend I noticed catching on in Pakistan from the hills to Murree to the arid plains of Karachi. Strolling on the Mall Road in Murree, I couldn’t help but notice colorfully embroidered dupattas that I had a feeling I had seen somewhere before, although not in Pakistan. Suddenly I remember I saw this very type of embroidered dupattas during my not-so-frequent visits to Khan Market in Delhi. Now it is said that Khan Market is the world’s 24th most expensive retail location (insert hyperlink). So naturally, when I asked a street vendor who had set up shop on the side of a passageway that connects the outer lane to the middle one, I half expected him to quote me a price which would certainly be out of my budget! And he did and that was the end of that. I forgot about that pretty embroidered dupatta I had my eyes on until one of its cousins and I locked eyes all the way on this side of the border in Murree, Pakistan.  Read More